Residential Photography

Photography is now becoming more advanced with creative and technical skills that are required for perfect shots. There is so much to learn so let’s get into it.

What are the different types of photography?

The following are various types of photography.

Portrait photography

This is one of the oldest forms of photography. It ranges from shooting your favorite pets to your family members. An authentic portrait is about the connection that the photographer creates with the viewer on the subject.

Landscape photography

This is popularly known as travel photography which gives the viewer a sense of place and time. Most elements of this type of photography are often uncontestable. Light and weather play a crucial role in creating the mood for the images.

Commercial photography

This is more complex photography which contains various styles and genres. They focus to increase the selling value of the subject under focus.

Film photography

This type of photography requires you to be sure of your exposure. Therefore you have to give each image sone thought so that it can work out.

Infrared photography

This type of photography is used to explore the unseen aspects of the environment. The images are taken using special equipment that can detect infrared light.

Aerial photography

This involves capturing images from higher altitudes. This image gives a larger background and view of the subject.

What value will Residential photography add to your Business?

Residential photography can transform your business. Real estate involves management and investment. Therefore IIn the competitive market you will need a Marketing strategy that should incorporate new ideas and quality images that should serve as an advertisement.

The images can be posted on various social media platforms thus bringing more clients. Additionally, you can build up your business portfolio which can open gateways to meet other real estate agents who will be part of your network. Furthermore, it gives your clients a platform to share their ideas and views which will help you to elevate your business to greater heights.

What are the key skills you look in a residential Photographer

If you are looking for a residential Photographer you should do a cross-check that the photographer presents. The following are key skills that you should look out for:


This is a key skill that distinguishes one photographer from the other. A creative photographer will take perfect shots that will make people curious to know more about your business. It forms the basis of marketing strategy and that is why you need to settle on the most creative Residential photographer.

Technical photography skills

Being a photographer is not all about taking a photo. Some cognitive skills are involved which require technical knowledge. The photographer should be aware of how to balance shutter speed, lighting, depth of field, aspect ratio among other elements in this field.

Attention to detail

A competent residential Photographer should pay attention to details. You will want someone keen on details so that you can take your images to the next level.

Strong networking skills

A good residential Photographer should have a good New York. This wi help you greatly elevate your real estate business because you will receive ideas and reviews from various people. Additionally, this helps in sharing the images on various platforms.

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