Motion Photography

Motion photography is a technique that allows for optionally and precise control of camera movements. It brings about special effects in photography which involves using the same camera to film several elements and composting them into a single image. Nowadays, there are programmed camera movements hence motion photography can be captured via long shutter speeds. Sometimes you might need to blur certain image elements or freeze them depending on your objective. Most photographers would want to capture motion to convey that the object is moving but you need to understand that you can also use movement as a means of communicating the mood. Additionally, motion can also be used to eliminate distraction so that you can focus on viewer attention.

How to show motion in photography

Motion photography is all about capturing an image at 1/1000 of a second. You can capture split-seconds in time or stop motion. Therefore, you can show motion in photography through the following ways:


This is a simple and effective technique which allows the photographer to set slower shutter speed as you move the camera at the same speed with that of the object. The background of the image will be blurred but the object will appear more focused. This technique makes the viewer feels like they are moving with the object because it gives a different point of view. Panning can also give you different effects when moving at the same speed as the subject in focus.

Long Exposure

This is mostly used technique when showing motion in photography. You can use slower shutter speed when showing action. Additionally, you can set your cameras on a tripod stand and adjust your shutter speed setting to 30 seconds to obtain long shutter speed. Therefore, if you are in a crowded place some people will be moving will others are stationary. Motionless things like buildings will remain in focus. This method also allows you to lay emphasis on how a particular location is crowded.

Rear curtain Sync

This is a technique which incorporates both panning and long exposure by using flash. Most advanced camera have flashes and rear curtain sync which allows you to show motion. Most photographers prefer using slow shutter sync.

Why is movement used in photography

Whether you are passionate about filming wildlife or waterfalls, you will know the essence of movement in photography. Without using movement we could have dull photographs. Movement transforms images by drawing the attention of the viewer and transforming an image. Additionally, it can also be used to add emphasis to the subject in focus and to eliminate unwanted areas. Movement can can also transform a boring scene to be an elegant photographic opportunity by adding some mood.

What is the benefit of having motion Photography

By adding some motion to your photography you will create more compelling images. The following are some benefits of having motion in photography:

It brings out sense of Time

Motions equates to sense of time. Therefore when you use longer shutter speeds it draws the attention of the viewer since the brain processes the image in a completely unique manner making it have more sense of time.

It transforms a boring scene

Some scenes can have lots of distraction making the viewer gets bored. However, motion makes messy scene compelling by eliminating distraction since it introduces high speeds which brings a blurring effect in the background thus giving the subject dominant focus.

It creates Smoother Textures

Long shutter speeds brings out smoother textures. Motion gives you elegant and attractive waterfalls which captures the eye of the viewer. It captures the scene in the most natural and the best way for the viewer.

How do you take a good Motion Picture

The best memorable moments are always captured in a good motion picture. Therefore if you need the best motion pictures here are some few tips you can use:

Shutter speed

You can use a shutter speed of approximately 1/500th or slightly higher. However, fast shutter speed can lead to underexposed photos so you should try to regulate it to have a good motion picture.

Increase the aperture

This helps in countering low light which might result from fast shutter speed thus helping in attaining good motion pictures.

Use a a Flash

Using a flash is a good way that can help you counter low light. Additionally it allows you to rectify dark photos. You should be in a close proximity to the subject because most cameras have short flash range.

How do you do motion blur photography?

Motion blur is blurring or streaking an object to bring out visual effects. You need some expertise if you want to do motion blur. Firstly, you need to use slower shutter speed to allow you have a long exposure. Additionally you need to be keen on lighting because by using slower shutter speed more light will enter hence it can blow out or overexpose your photo. Therefore, to avoid this risk you will need to capture images in a low light such as dusk or dawn. Finally, camera stabilization is also another important element if you want to obtain motion blurring.

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