Michel BERNATETS President of G.N.P.P

Gerard will have against him the perplexed, the undecided the pessimists, the indifferent, the cautious, the critics all the more critical that they do, and they will do nothing. Fortunately, the leaders of G.N.P.P. and their president Louis Laurent attempt the adventure that will materialize with a triumphant achievement. Fifty friends of Old Bourbon (not to be confused with Scottish alcohol) will be the linchpin of this crazy dream. Thanks to their work, thanks to the determination of Gerard and Maria, thanks to the participation of French and European professional photographers, thanks to the support of Mr. Jean Paul Drapier Mayor of Bourbon-Lancy and his municipal council, thanks to the help of some suppliers and friends, thanks to many good wishes, the most important exhibition of portraits of Europe could be visited for free in Bourbon-Lancy.

This experience demonstrates several things. First, given the quality of the works presented, portrait photography is an art, no offense to some officials Bercy. Then, despite the televised statements of journalists locked in their Parisian offices cozy and well muffled, there are still in our country social photographers. There are some and thanks to adapted training they are more and more competent. There are some and we find that they are younger and younger. There are some and thanks to international exchanges they become more modern, more artists, more motivated.

A second edition of “Summer Portraits” is preparing for 2006

Being present at this photo festival will testify to the health of the profession of a portrait painter in France and Europe.

The portrait is to catch the eye of the other; frozen eternally the moment and the time; create images similar to the personality of the subject; it is to realize an iconographic dream. Exposing this concrete image transforms dreams into reality.

Bourbon-Lancy: the summer portraits 2006, Dream or Reality? This gigantic exhibition will be dream and reality; she will be THE REALITY OF OUR DREAMS