Luc Peeters, President of the FEP

A good portrait is a book. Wrinkles are the letters, eyes in
are the question marks, the mouth the exclamation points of
During the shooting session, the client told me: “I did not feel
not reassured at all, I did not want to suffer all this, whereas
now I feel soothed … It’s really nice to be
here with you, at the studio. It’s a real pleasure. ”
As we selected the photos, she confided to me: “I hardly recognize… I look satisfied, so happy … “I tell him
replied: “A portrait is also a bit of the photographer, he takes this
that he first gave. Each time, it’s a bit his portrait he

Enjoy this Summer of portraits in Bourbon-Lancy! Read all
letters contained in the wrinkles, let yourself be questioned by the
question marks what are the eyes and the exclamation points
mouths. The city is once again covered by innumerable
portraits. Where your eye will be, you’ll open as many
exciting books … lose yourself in this wonderful
Bookshop: the Summer of portraits in Bourbon-Lancy