Gerard Cemetery, Commissioner General

In the old Bourbon, the spa district and Puzenat Park, via rue du Tourniquet or the wolf alley.
Based on an idea from the portrait commission of G.N.P.P. and staging of the friends of the old Bourbon: Here is the feat realized this year for this second edition of “The summer of the portraits”.
Making photos is good, enlarge and laminate one by one, it’s fine, but it was still necessary to screw on media and hang on these venerable walls.

This is where the dynamic team of Gerard Segaud took place, I will not mention all the names, but know that this adventure is just a story of enthusiasts, photographers, without whom, there would be no pictures, and all the volunteers of Bourbon-Lancy and friends of old Bourbon, all more or less happy, without which the photos would never have been exposed.

And all these volunteers coordinated by the general commissioner: Guy Raymond who presided over all his steering committee with dexterity and passion.

Exhibiting photographers, CIFA apprentices from Mercurey, Auvergne professionals, hard-working, eye-catching, technical services of the city, Emilie secretary of the GNPP, the hostesses of the tourist office of Bourbon-Lancy, and of course, the sponsors, this operation has mobilized not less than 400 people for a year, At least 400 people, but surely much more. That is why I can not name you all, but with all my heart and in the name of all, a big thank you from everyone.

The summer portraits and Bourbon-Lancy now rhyme together: the city has its festival (unique in Europe) and portraits of G.N.P.P. and FEP have the most giant showcase (unique in Europe) that one could have imagined. The photographic portrait festival is now in Bourbon-Lancy, what the festival of music is in Bourges!

This year, all the photos were shot in a single format thanks to the invaluable help of Epson who provided us with three superb machines, as well as the inks and papers, and also thanks to Filmolux for the loan of one laminator and the supply of supports.
I believe that you can applaud Gerard Segaud who was able to motivate his workers to finish and enhance the images in the streets, And some days: well before noon and until after midnight.
Of course, I have to thank the Mayor for his involvement in this adventure.
We are honored to receive the Harcourt Studio this year, whose works are on display in the Saint Nazaire Church.

You can also discover or rediscover the photos that have earned Pierrot Delaunay to be the first Master QEP of France, at Bourbon Expo, Dr. Pain Street.
Another QEP, Jacques Hirn, filled the walls of the Casino de Bourbon-Lancy, near the lake.
And the surprise is in the vault of the old Bourbon where you will be able to admire in a slideshow, the “Desnudos”, auto portraits of the Spanish photographers.

Wisdom has presided over the construction of this exhibition, the force has put it in place and the beauty of the portraits adorns it, so now I hope that joy will be in your hearts as you discover it.
To all, good afternoon, and the party begins!